26 12 / 2013


# of guys I’ve gotten off in person: 1
# of guys I’ve gotten off online/on the phone: 6

23 12 / 2013

Yesterday I had the best orgasm I think I’ve ever had. I came so hard, it was ridiculous. I was thinking about these two random hot guys… young, strong, hard bodies and huge cocks. Just the kind of guy I wanna get pounded by! I had this toy buried in my pussy, the entire thing, up to the balls. I took as much of this one as I could in my mouth. Before long, though, I felt like I needed more… so I tried hard to shove them both in my pussy together. I’ve never tried it before, and it wasn’t incredibly successful, but what I did manage felt amazing. I came so fucking hard I could barely breathe. I am completely wrecked today.

18 12 / 2013

Like I said in my last post, two nights ago I was messaging a really hot guy. N is a guy I worked with years ago, and he’s incredibly sexy. He’s constantly in the gym and it pays off for sure. Not to mention the fact that he’s totally hung! He’s sent me a few pictures of his cock, and it’s so nice. It’s uncut, and it’s huge. Just what I like!
After texting for a few minutes, he called me. I’d forgotten how much I love his voice… and especially when he’s saying my name. We flirted for a few minutes, and then it was on. Full on, “I’m gonna pull your panties down and shove my cock in your tight little pussy” kind of stuff. No hesitation from him whatsoever. I was SO fucking wet right away, and hearing him tell me all the dirty things he’s going to do to me (hopefully for real!) just made me even wetter!
We talked for about half an hour, I think. I got off so fucking hard I could barely believe it. I screamed into the phone as I came, and I could hear his breathing speeding up. He jerked himself off while I talked about riding his cock, and it didn’t take much more than that before he was cumming everywhere, too, yelling into the phone and going crazy. I LOVED hearing that.

16 12 / 2013

Texting with a really fucking hot guy now. He’s at the gym and is sending me pictures of himself barely dressed. You can see his huge bulge in the pictures he sends. He’s flirting like mad and all I wanna do is have him come over and fuck me senseless. But he lives so far away!!! Hoping it ends with at least some phone sex or something because goddamn, is he getting me nice and worked up!

16 12 / 2013

cheatingcock-deactivated2014020 said: Looks like you and I think alike. Hot girls and huge cocks deserve whatever they want. Mediocre girls and boys deserve to be cheated on constantly. Wanna hang out? Lol had to make it a question.

Definitely! I like the way you think. I think you and I would have some fun together!

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16 12 / 2013

bigjock999-deactivated20140415 said: I haven't been on tumblr much lately bust just caught up on your posts and...WOW!! I cant stop thinking about some of the things you said and some of the pics you posted. I especially love your stories and recounting of your thoughts. One thing I have always respected and found insanely hot about your blog is that you can tell that you are being 100% genuine and honest with your followers AND yourself, which is extremely rare on here. Keep up the great work, sexy!

Awww, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :) You’ve always been one of my favorites, so it’s particularly nice coming from you. Keep posting pictures of that huge cock, babe. I might need something to write about soon!

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03 12 / 2013

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03 12 / 2013

I pretended this was N. :)

What do you think?

04 11 / 2013

Just in case you missed it… I’m very excited!

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02 11 / 2013

I did it! Sorta…

Remember N, the guy I talked about in my last entry? I sent him a message on FB tonight, and after just a few minutes, he began texting me. I flirted with him right from the very beginning, and it was clear that he was into it. It was only minutes before he mentioned how hard he was. Perfect, because I was fucking wet already.
We ended up sexting (stupid, stupid word, but that’s what we did) for like, an hour or something. I came so fucking hard for him! This was the first time I’ve ever cum actually with any guy other than A. It was amazing. He came hard, too. In his words, “I just came everywhere… it’s a fucking mess.” 
It was amazing. He knew exactly what I wanted, exactly what I liked. Everything he did was perfect and I swear it was as if we’d done this together before. I had to go pretty much right after, but we agreed that we’d do this again, very very soon. 


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